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Remarkable information about Voxiom.io

The principles

Voxiom.io is an engaging online game that is fast-paced, action-packed and offers a great way to test your reflexes, targeting skills, and strategic thinking.

In this game, you can get an opportunity to join the breathtaking shootouts where many players from all over the world are fighting against each other. Use the guns or knives to take down all nearby rivals. If you play as a team, you need to cooperate with your teammates to kill members of the opposite team. Besides battling with professional shooters, you also need to gather as many resources as possible. They can be used to build your bases, craft supplies, and upgrade your weapons.

Like Krunker.io, this game features the first-person perspective which will bring you the most immersive playing experience. Moreover, the sound is realistic and the graphics are stunning. This will hook you in to play the game for hours. So, why do you hesitate? Play the game and prove that you are the best shooter. If you are keen on this game, I suggest you try playing Vampire Survivors which is the hottest game on our website.

How to control

Press WASD keys to move

Press the SPACEBAR to jump

Press an X key to open the inventory

Hold a C key to crouch

Hold a Shift key to sprint

Hold a Tab key to see the map

Press an E key to pick up items

Press the left mouse button to shoot, use an item or consume the item

Press the right mouse button or an F key to aim or switch block placement mode

Reasons you should try Voxiom.io

Many game modes

This game has four game modes. In each game mode, you need to complete different missions.

  • The Battle Royale: In this mode, your task is to gather the weapons and use them to shoot down rivals in the arena. Keep in mind that no one is your friend. Instead, they are your rivals. You need to kill as many enemies as possible to become the last-standing shooter in the arena.
  • Capture The Gems: This mode will divide you and other players into two teams. They are the Ruby team and the Sapphire team. There are many gems in the arena. You need to cooperate with your teammates to capture more gems than your opponents to get a victory. Note that the number of gems you collect is proportional to the number of points you will get. Do your best to gain the highest score before the time is over.
  • Survival Mode: In this mode, you need to collect many resources which can be used to construct your bases. Besides, you can use these resources to make supplies such as Healing Kits and Shield Potions and upgrade weapons and tools.
  • Free For All: In this mode, you have to eliminate as many enemies as possible. The allotted time of the battle in this mode is 10 minutes. When the time is over, the shooter who has the highest score will become the winner.

The shop and the leaderboard

The shop sells three crates including basic crates, advanced crates, and ultimate crates. You must use the diamonds you earn to purchase them. Open them to get awesome skins and weapons. In addition, this game features daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards. On these leaderboards, you can see the ranks, names, levels, the times you played, the times you won, and the scores of the top 30 players in a day, a week, or all times. What is your rank on these leaderboards?