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Description of the game Wormate.io

Wormate.io is an.io multiplayer game in which you must slither across a big arena devouring food and power-ups to make your worm as big as possible.

Wormate.io is a simple internet game that everyone can learn. You eat, you grow, and you survive. Keep a watch out for other players, especially as you gain in size because they'll want to eat everything you drop. Being huge gives you the benefit of being able to trap smaller worms by encircling them.

Power-ups let you complete your worm-related tasks in Wormate faster. These abilities have a limited impact on you, so utilize them while you can. Wormate's abilities include:

  • A magnet draws food towards you from a greater distance
  • Lock - Stores a large amount of food
  • Crisscross - Enables more accurate turns
  • Improves the speed of your worm's movement
  • For greater eyesight, a magnifying glass enlarges the image on the screen
  • A question mark will provide you with a power-up at random
  • Multiplier - multiplies the degree of nutrition provided by the meal based on the value (2x, 5x, or 10x)

How to control

Control your worm with your mouse, then click to accelerate it.