X Trench Run

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Become a pilot in X Trench Run

X Trench Run is a flying-action game that let you be a pilot to control a plane fighter and your mission is to defeat all enemies including boss.

In the game,you can transform into a real fighter pilot that will make you extremely interested and satisfied. You will take on the role of a valiant galactic pilot, flying through the trenches of the enemy space station to disable the defense turrets and laser fields. Your mission is to weaken the opponent's defenses, but be careful: if you cause enough damage, the opponent will dispatch fighter jets to deal with you. You have to defeat all the enemies while avoiding the obstacles then you will see the boss which is the strongest and scariest thing.

Win the X Trench Run

Avoiding obstacles and destroying turrets should be your top priorities in X Trench Run. You must win this cosmic battle! Use your discretion, avoid collisions, and stay on course!When you first enter the game, a text prompt will appear that will walk you through the game's controls. X Trench Run like the majority of browser games, includes basic music and graphics. However, as you travel through space, you come across a number of threats. Your spacecraft moves on its own. Having said that, you must still maintain control over your speed, direction, and other factors in order to avoid collisions and enemy fire. Each time you pass through a wall, you earn a reward point.After you've destroyed every opposing vehicle, it's time to face off against the "boss," so brace yourself. You must avoid the bullets for as long as possible because it will take several shots to damage your car. In this game, you can collect various power-ups to help you fight the monsters.