Zombie Guard

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Play Zombie Guard online

Fight the zombies in the game Zombie Guard. You can find many interesting things while playing this game. Use your weapons skillfully to kill zombies.

How to play

The Zombie Guard game has various levels where you can complete missions. You sometimes have to defend a line and protect and rescue hostages. To strengthen your defenses, don't forget to upgrade your weapons. Make use of air strikes and grenades during trying times! Through this game, you can show your amazing fighting skills. In addition, this game is also a good method to kill time on boring days. We also recommend Elastic Man, Apple Worm, Scribble and Vampire Survivors for you.

Game Controls

  • Use WASD to move
  • Press the K key to fire
  • L for knife
  • Press H for grenade
  • J for Air Strake
  • Q for Change Weapon.