Zombie Mission 12

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About Zombie Mission 12

Join the exciting adventure in Zombie Mission 12. You may face dangerous zombies in this game. Destroy them for your own safety. Good luck to you!

The 12th episode of the Zombie Mission series continues the adventures. The wild west is where another parallel universe's adventure continues. The game now includes brand-new vehicles, mechanics, and weapons. Don't forget to get help from the robot horses and drones. With the coins you earn in-game, you can save hostages, fight bosses, get your daily rewards, and make necessary changes to the store. You can have fun with your friend. Besides this game, you can try some other options such as MiniBattles, Vampire Survivors, Slope, Venge.io, etc.

Game control

Player 1

  • Use WASD to move
  • Press C to hit
  • Hold the C key and release for mega-hit
  • Press V to grenade
  • Press X to reload
  • Press the W key to jump
  • Switch weapon: "Q-E"
  • Press Q and E for a special attack

Player 2

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Hit: L
  • Mega Hit: Hold L Key and Release
  • Grenade: K
  • Reload: J
  • Jump: UP ARROW KEY
  • Switch weapon: O-P
  • Special Attack: O+P.