Zuma Deluxe

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About Zuma Deluxe

In Zuma Deluxe, you play as a heroic frog tasked with stopping an endless stream of colored balls to the finish line. Shoot balls of the same color to win. The game is divided into levels and each level has a different time limit. As you progress through the levels, they become more difficult and you will encounter different obstacles that make the game more interesting. The game features simple and addictive graphics that are easy to understand, with initial instructions provided. The sound effects are also developed, making every ball shot exciting and helping players concentrate.

How to play Zuma Deluxe

You control a frog that swallows small balls and stops them from forming a row that reaches the end. To eliminate the balls, you must shoot your ball and match three or more balls of the same color. It's crucial to shoot quickly and accurately. Look for areas with many balls of the same color to remove more balls and save time. Be quick when the row of balls is about to end, so it doesn't start again.

Keep in mind that the more balls you eliminate, the higher your score will be in the game. To achieve the highest score possible, you must give it your all. If you're having trouble finding the right spot to shoot the ball, try releasing it to get a different-colored ball instead. This could lead to breaking more balls in your next shot.